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Our approach
Handmade drawings

Form-making .01

We embrace both the intuitive approach of more traditional form-making and the process-driven method. The starting point is handmade drawings where imagery of the form is developed through movement, harmony and unity. A physical model is then built and later transformed into a 3D digital model that can better explore the relationship of the volume to the streetscape.


Digital thinking journey for Comporta 34 project

Digital thinking .02

Innovations in technology go hand in hand with innovations in architecture. By adding scientific rigour to our design process, we embrace technological advances, regulatory requirements and new digital opportunities. We believe that our best work comes from maintaining a critical narrative running through the digital thinking journey. As we focus on delivering value, innovation has enabled us to keep finding the best possible outcomes in pursuit of project optimisation and on-time delivery.

Exploring ideas and setting the tone for Quinta da Terra Pura project

Human-centred design .03

We human experience at the centre of every decision when developing our projects. Human-centred design has an amazing capacity to accommodate the way inhabitants move and how they experience space. Approaching design with inclusiveness allow us to create better spaces for new uses. We firmly believe that this is our way of having a transformative impact on people’s lives.

Built environment into the natural landscape

A sustainable approach .04

Architecture always enters and affects a pre-existing environment and we strive to preserve the inherited context by integrating the built environment into the natural landscape. In so doing, we minimise energy consumption, the carbon footprint and create a positive impact on the community our buildings are intended for.