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An invite to reflect on the relationship between volumes and landscape

Located in Tavira, the development is composed of a four-dwelling housing complex. The development, in close proximity to the beaches of Fuseta and Homem Nu, interprets the relationship between the constructed space and the characteristics of the surroundings.

Spotlight: António de Sousa Coutinho

This exclusive dedication to the commercial field allows us to give greater attention to those who come to us for the first time (or return to us), to go into detail in the presentation of the studio and the concepts that underpin our work, and to establish a plan from the outset that allows us to anticipate and accompany the client’s needs, from the first contact until the conclusion of the project.

Spotlight: Isabel Pereira

It is a pleasure to lead a young and dynamic team, and it is very motivating to pass on the passion of the company's spirit to this younger group and to experience the dedication and dynamism of this way of working with determination.

Everything is earth, clay, wood, natural fibres, shadows and light

Located in Jalisco, Mexico, the Xala resort comprises more than 1.000 hectares spread over an extensive beachfront area facing the lagoon.

Spotlight: Maria do Rosário Jacinto

I have always been given opportunities to grow, even as my family has grown. The fastest period of growth at Fragmentos took place in parallel with the birth of my daughters.

A complementary architectural dialogue of past and present, a multifamily housing renovation

The intervention sought to bring the past into the present, dignifying the memory of the building and renewing its essence.

Quinta da Terra Pura

Situated in a gentle landscape, the estate would be given an organic quality so as to incorporate itself as much as possible into the natural world. The layout of the paths and streets is based on the geometry of the plot itself and on that of the organic lake, the centerpiece of the complex around which the various sections of the estate would be organized.

Respecting the existing heritage and giving it back to the city

Framed by the Alfama Hill to the North and the Tagus River to the South, the Campo das Cebolas building has the distinction of being being the former palace and property of the Francisco de Assis

Almost silent exterior transformation

Located in central Lisbon, this project consists of the refurbishment of a mixed-use services building into a 24-unit residence with some commercial premises.

A lakeside family home

The central concept was a house that works as both refuge and panorama.

To enable family members spanning two generations

The clients approached us with a request to renovate their second home in Lisbon in such a way as to recreate some of the functionalities of their residence in New York.

Recovering and reframing its presence among neighbouring buildings

Located in the middle of its block, this building is in the protected zone around the Águas Livres Aqueduct in Lisbon.