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A complementary architectural dialogue of past and present, a multifamily housing renovation

The intervention sought to bring the past into the present, dignifying the memory of the building and renewing its essence.

#07 How do we learn architecture?

Are universities preparing us for the professional world? Is there room for academia in our professional lives, and how can we integrate it?

#06 Individual and team, how to balance?

Managing a company involves knowing how to balance the various individuals that comprise it. It's about passing on the values, methods, and language of the team without nullifying what is so special about each one.

#05 Save the present or think about the future?

In a time when we talk about crises (several) but also about the urgency of taking measures to ensure more sustainable, dignified futures, what should our priorities be? How can we, in our practice, help achieve a balance?

Spotlight: Catarina Norton

Timelessness is something I believe in, always striving to create spaces that withstand the test of time and are not affected by passing fads. Portugality is a value I consider important when working on projects in my country, valuing local culture and incorporating distinctive elements of Portuguese identity.

Creativity and Business: Finding a Synergy

At first glance, creativity and business may seem antagonistic, but when it comes to management in a creative field, we are compelled to confront this duality and even capitalize on it. How can we ensure that meeting financial objectives doesn't turn us into an assembly line? Can a manager be creative?

#03 Is there an ideal client?

Architecture thrives on relationships, and among them, the client relationship stands as paramount. Embracing a concept borrowed from Marketing offers a fresh perspective on understanding our clients.

#02 Architects and Egineers, friends or adversaries?

Although key partners, engineers, and architects are not always aligned on the best path toward the same goal. Improving this relationship means enhancing the quality of the projects. But how?

Mother, daughter, granddaughter

The story of Vila Sarah is a story of love and family. Built as a summer retreat, it's a tribute to the wife of the person who commissioned it and has a simultaneously modern and romantic presence.

#01 How did it all started?

In 1994, three recently graduated friends decided to create a studio. What began as a garage band has today grown to include more than 50 collaborators spread across six departments. Duarte Pinto-Coelho, Marcus Cerdeira, Miguel Martins Santos, and Pedro Silva Lopes, speak to us about these 29 years of the studio's history and how it's possible to grow without losing the original values.

Spotlight: Pureza Vaz Pinto

A well-established financial department allows us to make informed decisions and anticipate failures. It's a bit like setting boundaries in the education of our children. Knowing that there are boundaries allows children to feel free within those limits and secure enough to explore and grow.

From warehouse to multifamily housing

The goal of this intervention was to create a harmonious ensemble with the neighbouring buildings and the street's design, promoting functional regeneration and architectural and urban valorisation of this area, which has been undergoing rehabilitation over the last decade.