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1150 - 084 Lisboa, Portugal
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We measure the success of our projects not only by the strength of the relationships we build, but also by our commitment to providing a sense of balance between a human-centred approach and an environmentally-conscious and technology-driven approach. 


Engineering plays a crucial role in adopting solutions and principles capable of responding to contemporary challenges. Our commitment to the future of the planet and to an increasingly balanced society leads us to prioritize sustainability as a primary element in the development of any project.

Interior Design

We are focused on creating impactful projects from the first sketch to the selection of furniture. Our team approaches each project with meticulous attention, exploring materiality, color, form, texture, light, details, and nuances, accentuating each element to create a unique spatial experience.


We firmly believe that communication and design play a valuable role in all project phases. We humanize each project by creating personalized experiences tailored to the client. 



Fragmentos is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace. Explore our different career openings here.