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Abuxarda 1

A play of contrasts

Located within a private condominium in Cascais, the surroundings are characterized by an extensive pine forest and an atmosphere of peace and serenity.
Back façade, detail

The layout takes advantage of the surroundings, with a predominance of maritime pine trees and dense vegetation, bringing this framing into the interior of the dwelling.

Greenery permeates the built mass, through the introduction of canopies that stand out and deconstruct the main volume. The pronounced texture of materials such as stone and wood, in dialogue with the smooth materiality of white plastered surfaces and smoothed cement, creates an object that lives and asserts itself through contrasts. Each façade describes a face, with the north façade being the first to be discovered. Incorporated into the terrain and partly semi-buried, it has a more restrained volumetry. At the rear, large glazed panels manage the relationship with the exterior, bringing the garden and the surroundings into the house. The house is developed on two floors, with the lower core predominantly comprising the social areas. A sequence of living and dining rooms, resulting from different framings with the terrain and solar exposure, creates spaces of varying degrees of seclusion. To level the social area of the house with the garden, an intermediate access platform was created, incorporating the house into the natural slope of the terrain. On this floor is also the master suite. Located in a more secluded area, it appears separated from the rest of the house by a patio, providing privacy to those who use it. In the upper wing, facing south, four suites are designed with balconies overlooking the garden and the pool. The Ground Floor features a green roof, mirroring the existing vegetation outside into the bedrooms, blending the volume with nature. The spacious outdoor area frames the pool and allows for passage and connection to the natural terrain. 

Exterior area, detail
Exterior area, detail

Location, Cascais, Portugal
Client, Privado
Area, 760.00 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2020 - 2024

Architecture, Miguel Martins Santos, Teresa Barbosa (in-house), Isabel Câmara Pestana (partnership)
Specialties, Fragmentos (in-house), 360 Eng (parceira)
Supervision, João Igrejas Leite
Construction, ENGCON
Measurements, Sérgio Pombo
Landscape architecture, Sofia Raimundo
Photography, Lourenço Teixeira de Abreu

Back façade

Sustainability was a concern that permeated the entire intervention. With a collaborative approach between the internal architecture and engineering teams from the outset, all technical solutions took into account water efficiency, energy efficiency, and thermal and acoustic comfort. A rainwater reuse system was also implemented for irrigation, reducing the environmental impact inherent in maintaining outdoor areas, one of the fundamental components of this project

Circulation area, ambience

Inside, the interplay of contrasts comes alive with renewed vigor, as slanting planes create captivating moments, while natural and artificial light shape the space. The material selection not only complements but also mirrors that of the exterior, with the prominent presence of wood and concrete.

Circulation area, ambience
Bedroom, detail
Bedroom, detail
Bedroom, detail
Vertical circulation area, ambience
Toilet, detail
Site plan
Living area, ambience
Living area, detail