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Auchan Bayview

A hypermarket is reborn and reinvents its relationship with the local surroundings

Exterior circulation area, aereal view

Located at the eastern entrance to Cascais, the guiding principle of this project was to integrate this new volumetry into its surroundings, significantly minimising the visual and environmental impact usually associated with this type of infrastructure.

The new layout of the volumes follows the slope of the land, giving the building an appearance of being submerged and camouflaged in the landscape. The relocation of this establishment in an area further away from Avenida Marginal also made it possible to position it within an extensive pedestrian square surrounded by vegetation that extends to the roof.The roof gardens are not just an aesthetic element, but true spaces of enjoyment, almost like amphitheatres from which the surrounding urban spectacle can be observed.The parking, loading and unloading areas are now all underground, freeing up the surface area and increasing pedestrian access. Above ground, the building is developed over three levels, on which the commercial and service areas are distributed. Natural light dominates these areas thanks to the large windows and skylights.The top floor is organised around the Food Court, facing south with a glazed façade, and flanked across its width by a range of terraces overlooking the Bay of Cascais. This layout reinterprets the ambience of street commerce, which is not closed in on itself, but open to its surroundings.


Food Court terrace, detail

Location, Cascais, Portugal
Client, Auchan Retail Portugal
Area, 20.452 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2015 - 2022

Architecture, Angêlo Dias, Ângelo Vivas, Bárbara Alves Lopes, Duarte Pinto-Coelho, João Torres, Lourenço Vaz-Pinto, Luis Alves, Madalena Alves, Magda Rocha, Marcus Cerdeira, Maria do Rosário Jacinto, Miguel Vivas, Sofia Bray (in-house), Next Architects (partnership)
Specialties, Quadrante
Supervision, Exgexpor
Construction, Teixeira Duarte
Luminotechnics, Quadrante
Measurements, Gândara
Landscape architecture, Francisco Caldeira Cabral, Elsa Severino
Photography, Francisco Nogueira

Aerial view

This building is part of Bayview, a project for the reorganisation and urban requalification of an area of approximately 50,000m2, this commercial establishment establishes new formal and spatial relationships with its surroundings and the town which hosts it.

Intervention area, aereal view
Circulation area, detail

One of the greatest challenges of this project was to guarantee that the hypermarket previously located in this plot, with all its dependent areas, would always remain in operation, even during the demolition phases.

Aerial view
Main façade, street view
Exterior area, detail
Circulation area, ambience
Circulation area, ambience
Circulation area, detail
Hypermarket area, ambience
Hypermarket area, detail
Exterior circulation area, detail
Main façade, street view