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Camilo Castelo Branco 2

Studio conversion

Organisational culture is a silent language, defined by a common understanding that is sometimes difficult to define and convey.
Entrance hall, ambience

Here, the challenge was different. This was our own workspace, our home, and so we launched an internal competition to design the office with an awareness of all the studio's challenges and ways of thinking.

The new space took over what was once a conventional shop, directly connected to the street through a wide glazed opening, which, due to the natural light it provided, amplified the sense of space while attracting attention from outside. Pivoting panels at the entrance were used to simultaneously create an exhibition space and provide privacy to the work areas.

There is a transitional and welcoming space in the central atrium that extends to the various areas of the studio, including a work area with meeting rooms where visitors are received and another space exclusively for private use. These two spaces are joined by a large open, changing and flexible area that can serve as a reception or amphitheatre.

Pivoting panels, detail
Central hall, ambience

Location, Lisbon, Portugal
Client, Fragmentos
Area, 278 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2019 - 2020

Architecture, João Torres, Magda Rocha, Miguel Vivas, Rita Costa (in-house)
Specialties and supervision, Cláudia Rodrigues, David Ferreira, João Feliciano, João Paulo Branco, Vinícius Cordeiro (in-house)
Photography, Lourenço Teixeira de Abreu

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Central hall, ambience

The bathrooms and staff break room are located in a more sheltered area, ending with an open space that brings light, air and nature into the building.

Work area, ambience

An important premise for the studio was the efficient distribution of spaces. Circulation in the work area was reduced to a minimum, creating an open plan where the central corridor running along almost the entire longitudinal axis is used for informal meetings. Separate work areas, like branches, appear in the form of cells, partly protected by acoustic sliding panels, creating an atmosphere of absolute intimacy for the various work teams.

Intervention area, aerial view
Central hall, pivoting panels detail
Pivoting panels scheme
Work area, ambience
Informal meetings area, detail
Meeting room, detail
Work area, detail
Meeting room, ambience
Patio, ambience
Scullery, detail
Patio, ambience
Main facade, street view
Main facade, detail