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Campo de Ourique 70

A solid nucleus wherein living spaces were created

On analysing architectural features in the neighbourhood of Campo de Ourique, and seeking not to interfere with the homogenous design of the streets, we concluded that the project should break away from its surroundings.
Terrace, ambience

A singular two family residence in the heart of the Campo de Ourique area in Lisbon. The striking cubic volume stands out from the base and the alignment of the façades of the adjoining buildings, reinterpreting characteristics of its surroundings. The core volume of white concrete stands out from the dark stone cladding in a wavy pattern used on the base and sides of the building. This volume gains strength through the two large, staggered openings on the vertex, which are two-storey high balconies. These two balconies operate like light boxes with wooden blinds that can be positioned according to privacy and solar exposure and were the starting point for organising the duplex apartments.

Balcony, detail
Side facade, street view

Location, Lisbon, Portugal
Client, Solidtreasure 
Area, 933 m2
Fase, Construído 
Ano, 2014 - 2018

Architecture, Duarte Pinto-Coelho, Magda Rocha, Maria do Rosário Jacinto (in-house)
Specialties, Projectual
Supervision, Jorge Leal
Construction, Ecbuild
Luminotechnics, Beyond Light
Measurements, Gandara
Photography, Fernando Guerra

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Side facade, street view
Living area, detail
Intervention area, aerial view
Living area, ambience
Living area, detail
Living area, ambience
Living area, detail
Living area, detail
Facade, perspective
Facade, aerial view
Vertical circulation area
Terrace, detail