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Eduardo Coelho 66

An apartment complex surrounded by green

Restoring the soul of the building, preserving the memory of the city.
Terrace, detail

With a privileged location in the urban fabric of Lisbon, the proposal developed took into account the historical relevance of the pre-existing building, as well as the way the two distinct types of architecture complement each other, blending two moments in time into one architectural element. Running through the entire intervention was the care taken to maintain and recover a large number of the pre-existing elements, fitting them into the new building and allowing them to play an important role in the rooms they are located in. Each part of the building was designed and built to be unique and the intervention principle defined that as much of the pre-existing elements as possible would be conserved. Rehabilitating the “soul” of the building and promoting the memory of the city was the starting point for this intervention in the heart of Lisbon.

Circulation area, detail
Circulation area, ambience

Location, Lisbon, Portugal
Client, Groom Invest
Area, 2.600 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2013 - 2018

Architecture, Marcus Cerdeira, Pedro Silva Lopes (in-house)
Specialties, A2P, 2H
Supervision, Incongefi
Construction, EJR
Landscape architecture, FC-AP
Photography, Francisco Nogueira, Lourenco Teixeira de Abreu
Film, Building Pictures

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Kitchen, detail
Intervention area, aerial view
Back facade, detail
Back facade, detail
Vertical circulation area
Bedroom, detail
Circulation area
Exterior area, detail
Dining area, detail
Circulation area, ambience
Exterior area, ambience
Swimming pool, ambience