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Freitas Reis 23

Between the stage and the city

The project embraces the street fronts, closes it, through a volumetry marked by homogeneity maintaining the constant of unity of architectural set, where the pediment represents the memory of the old the building that had once been a theater.
Main facade, street view

Taking advantage of the morphological characteristics of the surrounding area, the project seeks to release the interior of the block.

The development of this residential housing was based on freeing up the inside of the block, which was completely built up, focusing on the construction of 3 buildings near the 3 streets and making the most of this space as a common outdoor area. The area adjacent to the street is broken up by spaces (balconies), adding to the style of the façades. These are volumes characterised by moving back from the plane of the façade on the second floor. This recessed floor is finished in dark grey ceramic roof tiles. Inside the block, the balconies are striking volumes, grey, jutting out from the façade with different designs and depths, safeguarding the privacy of each one. The impressive stone portico/pediment (which was once the entrance to an old canning factory and later the entrance to a theatre) was the architectural element we kept, incorporating it into the main façade of the building.

Intervention area scheme
Intervention area, aerial view

Location, Cascais, Portugal
Client, Solenecor
Area, 2.770 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2016 - 2018

Architecture, Ângelo Vivas, Duarte Pinto-Coelho, Isabel Pereira, Maria Monteiro, Valentina Correia (in-house)
Specialties and supervision, Fernando Bagulho
Construction, Civilcasa
Measurements, Coopas
Landscape architecture, Francisco Caldeira Cabral, Elsa Severino
Photography, Fernando Guerra

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Living area, detail

The area adjacent to the street is broken up by spaces (balconies), adding to the style of the façades.

Kitchen, living and dining area, ambience
Exterior area, detail
Intervention area, aerial view
Living area, detail
Living area, detail
Bedroom, detail
Back facade, detail
Facade, aerial view