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Ginásio Clube Português

A square interconnecting the different dimensions

The construction, extension and refurbishment of a sports and leisure center.
Padel court, ambience

The starting point for the extension of the Ginásio Clube Português was providing the sports complex with a covered parking area and a new gym and reconverting the outdoor arrival and distribution area. The new square marks arrival at the Ginásio Clube Português and interconnects the different dimensions making up the complex. The roof of the new building, which closes the arrival square, was used for padel courts, integrated into the existing difference in heights between the main access and the pedestrian access at the top.

Exterior area, aerial view
Vertical circulation area

Location, Lisbon, Portugal
Client, Ginásio Clube Português
Area, 7.600 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2010 - 2017

Architecture, Marcus Cerdeira, Miguel Martins Santos (in-house)
Specialties, XPS, LFV
Construction, Udra
Landscape architecture, Sofia Raimundo
Photography, Francisco Nogueira

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Gym, ambience
Padle courts, aerial view
Intervention area, aerial view
Padle court, detail
Padle court, detail
Padle courts, aerial view
Main facade, perspective
Circulation area
Main facade, aerial view