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Lombos 10

Volume in motion

Located on the outskirts of Cascais, close to the border with the municipality of Oeiras, the building is located at an residential area.
Side facade, detail

The Student Residence near Carcavelos University is developed around an outdoor central space for welcoming, reception, meeting and getting together. The U-shaped design, with the rooms in the east and west wings, created ample outdoor space, facing south for protection from the wind and with a strong relationship with the indoor social and distribution areas. This large courtyard is intended to reinterpret life inside the block. The base of the building on the main façade is marked by the large windows and a large, curved canopy providing shade, highlighting the entrance and marking off the social areas. The around 200 rooms are distributed among the different floors and are at a higher level than the courtyard on the entrance floor, to ensure privacy. On the upper floors, the building façade is intensely marked by the mismatch of angles and volumes on a different plane from the façade and the windows, staggered from floor to floor. These elements introduce dynamics to a building, making it come alive, and in constant motion.

Facade, detail
Terrace, ambience

Location, Cascais, Portugal
Client, Value One, Milestone
Area, 8.860 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2017 - 2019

Architecture, Ângelo Vivas, Duarte Pinto-Coelho, Isabel Pereira, Maria Monteiro, Valentina Correia (in-house)
Specialties, Projectual
Supervision, Rockbuilding
Construction, Garcia & Garcia
Luminotechnics, Light Design
Measurements, Tribato
Landscape architecture, Greendreams
Photography, Fernando Guerra

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Social and circulation area, ambience

This complex houses approximately 200 students.

Main facade, street view
Intervention area, aerial view
Reception area, ambience
Social area, ambience
Bedroom, ambience
Kitchen, ambience
Living and circulation area, ambience
Living area, ambience
Social area, ambience
Social area, ambience
Social and circulation area, ambience
Main elevation
Plan, level 0
Aerial view, detail
Back facade, aerial view