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Prazeres 37

An inner city hideaway

The complex was born from a project to recover and enhance the heritage of a vacant building with an extensive curtilage area. In this latter area, a single independent family housing unit was built, which we present here as Casa Prazeres 37.

One of the main concerns of the design was to develop a volume as an anonymous element, blending into its surroundings.

The house is developed over two levels to adapt to the topography and to define the relationship with the construction in the neighbouring plot. One of the main concerns of the design was to develop a volume as an anonymous element, blending into its surroundings and the existing green space. Adapted to the existing elevations, the programme was materialised in two parts. The upper section consists of common areas, with open and interconnected living, dining and kitchen areas and a sensation of being outside created by large, glazed openings. The lower level includes five suites (one of them independent) that overlook the garden and pool.

Exterior area, ambience
Facade, detail

Location, Lisbon, Portugal
Client, Private
Area, 232 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2018 - 2022

Architecture, António de Sousa Coutinho, Fernando Flora, Pedro Silva Lopes (in-house)
Specialties, João Paulo Branco (in-house), GLFV
Supervision, João Paulo Branco (in-house)
Construction, Socifago
Measurements, Coopas
Landscape architecture, Polen Land Design
Photography, Ivo Tavares Studio
Film, Building Pictures

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In functional terms, Prazeres 37 and Possidónio da Silva 37 (the formerly vacant building mentioned above) are connected to one another through an area composed of an entrance hall, accesses and parking. The meeting point between the two plots is located outside.

Global aerial view

Transversal to the entire intervention was a concern to maintain the privacy of the inhabitants. Although adjacent to each other, natural visual barriers were developed to frame the two typologies and give them the necessary prominence within the whole of which they form part.

Terrace, ambience
Terrace, detail
Terrace, detail
Backyard, ambiente
Living room, detail
Living room, ambience
Living room, ambience
Living room, detail
Kitchen, detail
Social toilet, ambience
Vertical circulation area, ambience
Office area, ambience
Suite, detail
Entrance hall, detail
Intervention area, aerial view
Terrace, ambience
Facade, aerial view
Back facade, detail