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São Sebastião da Pedreira 23

Pre-existence in the context of rehabilitation

Adapting the volumetrics of a pre-existing service building to suit its new residential use.
Side facade, street view

Located in Lisbon, in a neighbourhood with a degree of architectural variety, the intervention paid particular attention to the re-framing of the building’s presence amid the surrounding architecture.

On the exterior, we designed a projecting body from which blocks are extracted, creating wide, deep gaps that give the effect of light boxes. To these gaps are added hanging plant pots that, along with the horizontal markings, break the monotony and give a visual harmony to the whole. In this project, natural light was an important premise to enhance the visual comfort of the interior spaces. With this in mind, for the base of the building, we designed a structure of wooden slats to allow the entry of light, producing a game of full and empty, at the same time as creating a visual barrier to the interior. To the rear, the volume was covered in glazed white ceramics, with the space being modelled by the sunlight reflecting onto the interior of the courtyards and the apartments. 

Balcony, detail
Study scheme

Location, Lisbon, Portugal
Client, Edigest
Area, 950 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2016 - 2022

Architecture, Fernando Flora, Magda Rocha, Maria do Rosário Jacinto, Pedro Silva Lopes, Rita Costa (in-house)
Specialties, João Graveto
Supervision, Rui Leitão
Construction, Hexagen
Measurements, Coopas
Photography, Lourenço Teixeira de Abreu

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Balcony, detail

The building is composed of seven floors containing 11 autonomous units, in T1 or T2 typology. The configuration of the interior of the apartments essentially situates the living areas to the rear and the bedrooms to the northwest.

Main facade, street view

In order to facilitate the functional programme, particularly with the building’s new residential function in mind, we took care to ensure the sanitary, lighting and ventilation conditions of the three lower floors. For this purpose, some of the constructed area of the existing building was removed to create two courtyards, one to the rear and the other next to the main façade, allowing for two fronts of natural light.

Kitchen, detail
Vertical circulation area
Master suite, ambience
Main facade, detail
Intervention area, aerial view
Interior patio, detail