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Vasco da Gama 7

A new volume within the block's heterogeneous grid

Located on an urban frontage that is morphologically unremarkable, the intervention aimed to both extend and change the use of a single-family house located in São João do Estoril.

The central section, corresponding to the pre-existing house, was converted into a two-storey dwelling, while the space formerly occupied by two garages was used for two new housing units.

Expanded in height, the new volumes create a unique character, demarcating the building from its surroundings. Volumetric unity is achieved by the uniform cladding, notably punctuated by the vertical black aluminium spans that insert an industrial rhythm within the compact and static mass. It is in this open relationship with the street and the interior/exterior duality through the marking of the openings that creates the building's rhythmic and volumetric singularity. The apartments, two T2 and one T1, are ample and share a close relationship with the adjacent outdoor spaces. The units at the ends have a similar, symmetrical functional organisation. The ground floors, facing south, are intended mainly for social areas – living room with kitchenette and terrace – and benefit from full sun exposure thanks to the large, glazed planes that cut across the façade. It is possible to access the outer space of the units through the living room, while the upper floors are reserved for the most private part of the house, with en-suite bedrooms. Facing north, they are marked by a continuous opening, which provides ample natural light and completes the composition of the rear elevation. The central unit, while smaller, features the same layout as the units on the sides, with the social areas on the ground floor and the upper floor receiving a bedroom with en-suite.

Main facade, detail

Location, Cascais, Portugal
Client, Private
Area, 300 m2
Phase, Built
Year, 2018 - 2022

Architecture, Fernando Flora, Madalena Wemans, Pedro Silva Lopes, Rita Sousa (in-house)
Specialties, GLFV
Supervision, João Paulo Branco (in-house)
Construction, GDMA
Luminotechnics, Light Design
Measurements, Coopas
Photography, Lourenço Teixeira de Abreu

Main facade, detail

The striking materiality of the façades is repeated inside the dwellings, where the wood of the floor and doors balances and complements the industrial character of the frames and fittings.

Interior circulation area, detail
Intervention area, aereal view
Main facade, perspective
Back facade, detail
Interior circulation area, ambience
Interior circulation area, detail
Kitchen, ambience
Bedroom, ambience
Intervention area, perspective
Floor 0, plan
Floor 1, plan
Living area, detail
Main facade, detail