• Degree in Engenharia Civil from Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa (ISEL), 2013
  • Registered with the Ordem dos Engenheiros, No.72621
  • Buildings Fire Safety (3rd and 4th Risk Categories), Education and Sciences Superior Institute (ISEC) – 2016
  • Degree in Technical Education of safety at work – level 6, 2018, RFA Academy


  • Light Steel Framing Training Course, Metallic and Mixed Construction Portuguese Association (CMM) – 2017
  • Self-protection Measures in existing buildings and facilities (1st and 2nd Risk Categories) Training Course, Professional Insertion in Architecture Cooperative, CRL (ARQCOOP) – 2016
  • Buildings Fire Safety (1st and 2nd Risk Categories), Professional Insertion in Architecture Cooperative, CRL (ARQCOOP) – 2015
  • Gas Network Training Course, Welding and Quality Institute (ISQ) – 2017

Other Qualifications and Interests

  • Workshop Construction in Tropical Climates organized by Teixeira Duarte, 2011

Professional Experience

  • Working at , Fragmentos de Engenharia since April 2019
  • Working at architectural firm, Fragmentos de Arquitectura since April 2018
  • Worked at Renew Experts, between 2017 and2018
  • Worke dat 3ponto Engenharia, between 2015 and 2016
  • Professional Internship at 3ponto Engenhariabetween 2014 and 2015;